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Welcome to the advancement of smart watches! This website consists of stories about benefits, drawbacks and information about the latest technology that has driven many companies into improving throughout the last couple of years. That is, smart watches. You will be able to find information about the statistics of the preference of a smart watch or a regular watch.

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My topic’s goal is to inform more people that are either against or thinking about converting over to a smartwatch about the benefits and features that most smart watches have.

About me

My name is Giselle Mancha and I am a Senior at Texas State University. Most of my interests are to discover and test the new latest technology. When I’m not in school, most of my time is spent hanging out with my family and catching up on latest television shows

Why Smartwatches?

I chose The Advancement of Smart Watches as my topic for this website due to my love for technology and my interest in informing people about it more as it continues to innovate throughout the years